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I don’t understand…

I met someone who doesn’t like music……………………………………….
I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. It honestly boggled my mind.
I listen to music everyday with every chance I get to, I love so many genres and eras of music that idk what life would be like if there wasn’t music.
So many songs have pulled at my heart and soul, have made me feel such intense emotions, and then there is this person who doesn’t like music.
Maybe they weren’t listening to the right kind of music. I don’t know. Who’s to say? Maybe they think it’s just annoying noise. Or maybe they don’t have a soul hahaha (kidding). Crazy though for sure.

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Ooooooh a looking pool!

awaken your soul

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Come dance with me!!!

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A Cherry Blossom Galaxy.

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Today I watched Same Love by Macklemore on youtube, and of course there were hate comments considering the song is about homosexuality, but it made me think.

We are still not moving forth as a culture or in humanity if we still can’t accept people due to religious beliefs in thinking that it’s so wrong. I mean I get it, penis goes into vagina, sperm fertilizes egg, baby is made. Obviously for reproduction purposes, but that does not mean we should be disgusted by people who love someone with the same sex. Sometimes it’s a choice… And sometimes it’s not choice. Sometimes people can’t help how they feel about other people whether it be guy-guy, girl-guy, or girl-girl. I am straight but I have gay friends and I have watched them struggle, I have heard the hateful things that spew out of people’s mouths. It is disgusting how hateful and hurtful it can get with words or worst yet, physically. The hate takes such a toll it can even lead to self harm and suicide.

People still hate homosexuals, if it isn’t homophobia, it’s racism, or sexism, or separation due to different religion.. The list goes on and on. So much hate because why? The people who have all this hatred towards anything that’s different than what their beliefs are will never know how it feels to be outcasted by society until they take a walk in their shoes or come to a higher understanding that some people just can’t help some things about themselves… Whether it be who they love, what the color of their skin is, what gender they are, or what beliefs they have. People should be able to love and marry whoever they want if they are truly in love with them.

Humans can be these intellectual creatures. We can advance with technology, and medical sciences, yet we are still pretty much lost when it comes to growth as a society.

We are all human beings, made of the same blood, bones, and organs. We should come together has a HUMAN RACE. We should keep reminding ourselves of this everyday because no person is better than the other, no one is perfect no matter what you believe in. We are all born to eventually die. Live life with compassion, acceptance, and respect.

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You're pretty hot. Oh, and your blog's not bad either. :p

Lol thank you. I also enjoy your blog very much.


Grey Wolf by robblansdowne

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By Jules Cox


By Jules Cox

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I really like your blog and spirt

Thank you :)



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End of my semester is nearing, I’ll be painting all day! Crunch time! I’m lame! Lol. 🎨

End of my semester is nearing, I’ll be painting all day! Crunch time! I’m lame! Lol. 🎨

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Since you watch GOT, who's next to die?

It’s really hard to say, I’m really hoping they don’t off Tyrion, since they think he poisoned Joffrey. There is so much going on with all the characters really anyone can be offed, especially characters I like since the writer of the show tends to kill everyone I grow to like hahaha. Who do you think will be killed next?


Timber Wolves by mlala

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